So you guys have heard about the Seerpak, right?

Okay so the above drawing was literally my reaction to learning about the Homestuck tarot deck and I’ve decided that I really really REALLY want to get it.

The only problem? I’m poor as hell.

Solution? I’m going to be doing commissions that go towards getting the Seerpak.

I will do nearly anything - I will do your pairs, your solos, your fluff, your sad, your porn; I will do Homestuck fandom, not-Homestuck fandom, original characters; I’ll do sketches, outlines, even coloured stuff - all for as cheap as possible.


  • $1-$5 = sketches/simple outlines
  • $6-$10 = outlines/simple coloured

I’ll even haggle with you - like, if I really like the subject I might do a coloured piece for $2.

I just really want to be able to donate to the kickstarter and hold a beautiful tarot deck with all of my favourite characters on it in my hands.

You can contact me about this via my askbox or my submit box.

And if you can’t spare the money, could you at least signal boost this?